Axtrium strikes to be the manufacturer for the first Malaysia’s electrical vehicle in history with our
word leading technology – Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell as our fuel source. This mega project supports the government’s steps in reducing carbon footprint by converting to using green technology to save the environment and brings Malaysia to another level of EV revolution.
We develop a complete system in terms of manufacturing, charging, post-services, and up to date user friendly application that runs alongside user’s EV.
We deliver a higher performance vehicle in terms of speed, durability, safety and better body
Axtrium aims to become one of the largest EV car provider in the world and improving Malaysia’s
economic GDP and widely known across ASEAN countries and the world by manufacturing a
remarkable vehicle.
Axtrium alliances comes from a wide range of industries such as Koperasi Perkim Negeri Kelantan
Berhad (KOPERKIM), Pininfarina from Italy which is an expert in automative technology, SYM from
Taiwan, as expert in manufacturing of automobile parts industry, ASEAN Co-operative Organization
(ACO), which enhances trades and benefits across ASEAN countries, alongside experts in parts
manufacturing for well-known car brands in the world such as Tesla, Jaguar and BMW.


We are able to offer reliable and efficient freight services nationwide. We accelerate global commerce with complete logistic supply chain by helping, seller, stores, and manage to deliver good to designated customers. In 2019 we will establish new effective logistic services by using unmanned aircraft. This new service is significant to a greener approach in a lot of aspects.


Our Company focus on Plantation with more than 40,000 acre of land cultivated with variety of crops such as Palm Oil, Bamboo, Coconut and Banana.
With the effort to enhance the growth of crops Axtrium joint venture with TopXGun widely in agriculture technology, Axtrium takes effort in innovating the use of Artificial Intelligence and remote sensor in the field, crop monitoring, targeted chemicals solutions and genetic modification of plants


Bambussa Axtrium is an emerging company that provides the world leading green technology to create a zero plastic world. We strive to look for the best alternative in natural approach to replace plastic and other materials. We implement green technology to produce Bamboo –Based Fully Compostable [BBFC] products in wide range of industries including food and beverage container for single and multiple use, utensil, tableware, stationery, toys, souvenir, gardening tools and etc. Our BBFC products are manufactured with Axtrium’s exclusive green technology via Axtec™ and the special features are as shown below:
• Made up of natural bamboo fibre
• 100% fully compostable under normal sun exposure
• Plastic -free (100% environmentally friendly) & Chemical – free
• Heat and cold resistant
Our goal is to overcome the global pollution issues including ocean and land pollutions, greenhouse gas emission and climate change. We believe that we are able to lead the future trend with green innovative technology to create a clean and sustainable world.


La Gelé consists of truly all natural star ingredients blended in Axtrium’s unique broth of Millennium Essence™. It is the holistic approach to provide you the ultimate revitalization from within. The extraordinary renewing power of La Gelé helps to defend and protect our body in cellular level. Millennium Essence™ serves as the heart of La Gelé’s profound power of cellular transformation. All of the precious ingredients that perfectly blended in the
unique broth of Millennium Essence™ in La Gelé discovered by Axtrium have significant clinically proven to have skin and overall health improvement.


Royale Melaka is the first technology infused retail concept store in Malacca, which enables visitors to taste feel and experience Malacca through time tunnel with the aids of advance technology. Axtrium strive with Royale Melaka as iconic souvenir products for the tourist. Our mission is to promote the culture and history of Melaka and achieve the goal set by the government as well as to carry forward the culture of Melaka. Axtrium partnership with Sungai Melaka Venture a state government company to emerging in the world of tourism product.